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Bela Kovesci, from a family of carpenters for two generations inherits, as a child, this love of wood. At the age of twenty, he left for Hungary to join a local craftsman who designed solid wood furniture. This experience will allow him to demonstrate his skill in working with this material but will also reveal his creative genius to light.


After three years of collaboration, Bela decides to return to Romania to continue training as a welder which will allow him to fulfill the passion he has always nurtured in him, namely sculpture.


He then begins to make, at the request of his entourage, chairs, armchairs, lanterns or other accessories for which his creative talent and his vivid imagination are put to use.


His close friends describe him as someone who is ingenious, meticulous, full of ideas and able to do everything with his hammer, anvil, welding machine and press that he himself designed.


Also, when in 2009, one of her friends learned that a famous French sculptor designer was looking for a collaborator on Romania, it was only natural that the idea came to her to put the two men in touch.

She then sends some photos of Bela’s creations to the French designer, photos which will immediately convince the latter to make the trip to the small village of Bela, located in Transylvania.


Upon his arrival, he was immediately seduced by the Romanian artist, his creativity and his innate talent for working with wrought iron.

The french sculptor then decides to take him under his wing and invites him to spend a few months by his side in his workshop in the south of France. There, he passes on to Bela his know-how and trains him in his very characteristic style where modernism and minimalism blend with the refinement present in the majority of his works. Their collaboration will last for more than ten years.


Now our company Marc Alexander Design has the immense privilege of being able to share Bela’s unique creations with as many of you as possible.



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